Welcome to our web site! You can find our club activities on the events page. We will be adding dahlia growing information soon, but for now you can link to the Colorado Dahlia Society page for some great  information on growing dahlias.

The Evergreen State Dahlia Association was founded in the fall of 1984 in Olympia, Washington. Our goal is to promote an interest in growing dahlias.

Chimacum Katie

Dahlias can be as short as 6 inches to as tall as 8 feet. Blooms range  from only 1-1/2″ to 14″ across. There are 19 form types listed by the American Dahlia Society and 5 size types of those forms. The ADS also list 14 color types, and within a color type there are many different shades and blends.


Thanks to all who supported the annual tuber sales in April!


Our Annual Dahlia Show will be at the Grays Harbor County Fair in Elma, WA.  While the fair dates are August 10-14, the Dahlia Show days will be August 13-14, 2011.

Misty Changeling